How Network Engineers Choose CCIE Dumps to Pass the Exam

What CCIE dumps should network engineers choose to prepare for the exam? Dumps need to have very high accuracy and update frequency. On the basis of including the above two conditions, it would be better if each topic has a very detailed questions analysis. Is there really such a good Cisco question bank? The answer is yes.

CCIE Dumps Network Engineers

BestCiscoDumps CCIE dumps contains all the questions you need to get through CCIE exam. Many professional lecturers summarize the latest questions every day and update them in time. In order to make the candidates understand the questions more clearly. Lecturers will also add topic analysis for some difficult question in the complete dumps, so that candidates can study without pressure.

You can now test your mastery of CCIE exam by practicing the following 10 free questions and answers.

Question 1

Which feature can you implement to most efficiently protect customer traffic in a rate-limited WAN Ethernet service?

  1. DiffServ
  3. the IPsec VTI qos pre-classify command
  4. IntServ with RSVP
  5. Q-in-Q

Correct Answer: B

Question 2

Refer to the exhibit. Which statement is true?

show mpls l2transport vc 100 detail
  1. R1 routes this pseudowire over MPLS TE tunnel 1 with transport label 20
  2. The default route is available in the IPv4 routing table
  3. R1 is using an MPLS TE tunnel for this pseudowire, because the IP path is not available
  4. R1 has preferred-path configured for the pseudowire

Correct Answer: D

Question 3

Which ISAKMP feature can protect a GDOI from a hacker using a network sniffer while a security association is established?

  1. a ISAKMP Phase 2 GROUPKEY-PULL exchange
  2. an ISAKMP Phase 2 security association
  3. an ISAKMP Phase 2 GROUPKEY-PUSH exchange
  4. the Proof of Possession (POP)
  5. an ISAKMP Phase 1 security association

Correct Answer: E

Question 4

Which two OSPF network types require the use of a DR and BDR? (Choose two.)

  1. A. non-broadcast networks
  2. B. point-to-point networks
  3. C. point-to-multipoint networks
  4. D. broadcast networks
  5. E. point-to-multipoint non-broadcast networks

Correct Answer: AD

Question 5

Which two statements about the Cisco Express Forwarding glean adjacency type are true? (Choose two)

  1. Packets destined for the interface can be dropped, which provide a form of access filtering.
  2. The adjacency database is used to gather specific prefixes when packets are destined to a specific host.
  3. The router FIB table maintains a prefix for the subnet instead of individual hosts.
  4. Packets destined for the interface are discarded and the prefix is checked.
  5. Packets destined for the interface are discarded and the prefix check is skipped

Correct Answer: BC

Question 6

Which two statements about root guard and loop guard are true? (Choose two)

  1. When loop guard is enabled, the port is transitional to the root-inconsistent state
  2. Loop guard uses BPDU keepalives to determine unidirectional traffic
  3. Root guard should be enabled on an upstream interface
  4. Root guard disables an interface only when a superior BPDU is received
  5. Loop guard uses its own keepalives to prevent loops by detecting failures
  6. Loop guard uses its own keepalives to determine unidirectional traffic

Correct Answer: BD

Question 7

Your network supports numerous devices that reside on different datalink segments within the same IP subnet. Which feature can you implement to enable the devices to resolve IP-to-MAC address mappings?

  1. ARP
  2. Inverse ARP
  3. Reverse ARP
  4. Proxy ARP

Correct Answer: D

Question 8

Which protocol does a host use to request IPv6 multicast traffic?

  1. MLD
  2. SSM
  3. IGMPv3
  4. PIM6

Correct Answer: A

Question 9

What is the source MAC address of a BPDU frame that is sent out of port?

  1. the same as the MAC address in the bridge ID
  2. the lowest MAC address on the switch
  3. the highest MAC address on the switch
  4. the MAC address of the individual port that is sending the BPDU

Correct Answer: D

Question 10

Which two statements about enhanced object tracking are true? (Choose two)

  1. It supports stateful switchover with HSRP
  2. Tracking objects are identified with unique numbers.
  3. It can track over 200 objects at once
  4. With HSRP, it can track only the line-protocol state
  5. It supports stateful switchover with GLBP

Correct Answer: BC

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