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Free 210-260 CCNA Security Practice Questions

Welcome to our blog where you can find free 210-260 CCNA Security practice questions to help you prepare for your certification exam. In this post, we have put together a comprehensive list of practice questions to reinforce your knowledge in various areas of network security.

Question 1

Which protocol is used for secure communication in a VPN?

  • a) IPsec
  • b) FTP
  • c) Telnet
  • d) HTTP

Question 2

What is the purpose of a firewall in network security?

  • a) To prevent unauthorized access
  • b) To speed up network connections
  • c) To enhance wireless network range
  • d) To secure physical network cables

Question 3

Which security measure prevents an attacker from intercepting network traffic?

  • a) Encryption
  • b) MAC filtering
  • c) VLAN configuration
  • d) DHCP snooping

Question 4

What is the purpose of an intrusion prevention system (IPS)?

  • a) To detect and prevent network attacks
  • b) To secure physical access to servers
  • c) To manage network bandwidth
  • d) To monitor network traffic and report usage

These are just a few examples of the practice questions available. To access the full set of 210-260 CCNA Security practice questions, visit our website and enhance your chances of success in your certification exam.

Remember, practice makes perfect! Good luck with your exam preparation!

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