CCNA VTP Sim Question – Dive Into Virtual Trunking Protocol

CCNA VTP Sim Question – Dive Into Virtual Trunking Protocol

Virtual Trunking Protocol (VTP) is an essential component of Cisco’s networking framework. It enables easier management and administration of VLANs in a LAN environment. In this blog post, we will explore some challenging CCNA VTP sim questions that will help you deepen your understanding of VTP and test your knowledge. So, let’s dive in!

Question 1: VLAN Configuration and VTP Modes

You are configuring a network with multiple switches using VTP. SwitchA is functioning as the VTP server, and SwitchB and SwitchC are in VTP client mode. SwitchA has been configured with VLANs 10, 20, and 30. SwitchB and SwitchC are not receiving these VLANs. Identify the possible reasons for this issue and provide the necessary configuration changes to rectify it.

Question 2: VTP Pruning and Domain Configuration

In a network with three switches, SwitchA, SwitchB, and SwitchC, you want to enable VTP pruning to optimize VLAN broadcast traffic. However, despite completing the VTP configuration on all switches, VTP pruning is not working. Troubleshoot the issue and propose a possible solution.

Question 3: VTP Revision and Advertisement

SwitchA, SwitchB, and SwitchC are part of the same VTP domain. You want to add additional VLANs to SwitchA. After configuring VLANs on SwitchA, you notice that the VLAN information is not being propagated to SwitchB and SwitchC. Analyze the situation and suggest a fix to ensure VLAN information is successfully advertised across the network.

Question 4: VTP Authentication and Error Troubleshooting

In a VTP configuration, SwitchA is configured with the password “securevtp.” However, when you try to modify the VTP configuration on SwitchA, you receive an error message stating, “Incorrect VTP password.” Investigate the issue and provide a possible solution to resolve this error.

Question 5: VTP Version Compatibility and Revision Checks

You have an existing VTP domain with three switches: SwitchA, SwitchB, and SwitchC. After upgrading the IOS on SwitchA to a higher version, the VTP version mismatches occur, and VLAN information is not synchronized. Explain the potential causes for this issue and suggest steps to ensure VTP version compatibility across the domain.

These CCNA VTP sim questions will challenge your understanding of Virtual Trunking Protocol and its various aspects. By practicing these scenarios, you will gain valuable insights into VTP configuration, troubleshooting, and best practices. Remember to verify your solutions and compare them with the recommended answers to gauge your proficiency.

Keep exploring and expanding your knowledge in Cisco networking technologies. CCNA certification is just a step away!

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