CCNA Voice Simulation Questions

CCNA Voice Simulation Questions

Aspiring network professionals seeking to enhance their expertise in Cisco Unified Communications can benefit significantly from the CCNA Voice certification. This certification validates their skills in deploying and maintaining Cisco voice solutions. To help you prepare for the CCNA Voice exam, we have compiled a set of simulation questions that will test your practical knowledge and problem-solving abilities.

1. Configure a Basic Voice VLAN

You have been tasked with configuring a voice VLAN on a Cisco switch. The voice VLAN should be VLAN 20, and it should be enabled on all switch ports. Additionally, you need to configure the switch to trust incoming voice traffic and prioritize it over data traffic. Write the configuration commands required to accomplish this task.

2. Troubleshoot VoIP Call Quality Issues

A company is experiencing poor call quality on their VoIP network. Identify three possible causes for this issue and provide steps to troubleshoot each cause. Explain how you would use network monitoring tools to identify the root cause of the problem.

3. Implementing Call Admission Control

Your organization wants to implement call admission control to prevent oversubscription of the VoIP network. Describe the different types of call admission control mechanisms available in Cisco Unified Communications Manager and their respective advantages and disadvantages. Recommend the most suitable mechanism for a mid-sized enterprise with high call volumes.

4. Configuring Voice Gateway for SIP Trunking

You need to configure a voice gateway to enable SIP trunking with a service provider. Outline the necessary steps to configure the voice gateway, including configuring SIP settings, dial peers, and security features. Provide explanations for each step to ensure a clear understanding of the configuration process.

5. Implementing Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express

Your company wants to deploy a small-scale IP telephony solution using Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express (CME). Design a network topology that includes CME, IP phones, and a router. Explain how calls are routed within the network, and provide the configuration commands required on the router and CME to successfully set up the solution.


In this blog post, we have presented a variety of simulation questions to help you prepare for the CCNA Voice certification exam. These questions cover different aspects of Cisco voice solutions, including VLAN configuration, troubleshooting call quality issues, implementing call admission control, configuring voice gateways for SIP trunking, and deploying Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express.

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