CCNA Subnetting Questions PDF

CCNA Subnetting Questions PDF

Are you preparing for the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) exam and struggling with subnetting? Look no
further! In this blog post, we will provide you with a set of challenging CCNA subnetting questions along with
a downloadable PDF file to help you sharpen your subnetting skills.

Why is Subnetting Important?

Subnetting is a vital skill for network administrators and engineers as it allows efficient management of IP
addresses and network resources. By dividing a large network into smaller subnets, we can improve security,
enhance performance, and better utilize available address space.

CCNA Subnetting Questions

Below are ten CCNA subnetting questions to test your knowledge and practice subnetting. Try to solve them
on your own before referring to the answers provided in the PDF file.

  1. What is the maximum number of hosts that can be accommodated in a /27 subnet?
  2. Convert the IP address to binary.
  3. Given an IP address of, how many subnets and hosts are available?
  4. Subnet the network into 8 subnets with equal numbers of hosts.
  5. What is the broadcast address of the subnet
  6. Calculate the subnet mask for a network requiring 64 subnets with a maximum of 100 hosts each.
  7. Given a network ID of and a subnet mask of (or /22), what is the range of valid
    host IP addresses in the second subnet?
  8. How many subnets can be created using the network ID and a /23 subnet mask?
  9. What is the first usable host IP address in the subnet
  10. Given a network ID of and a subnet mask of (or /27), what is the broadcast
    address of the fifth subnet?

Download CCNA Subnetting Questions PDF

Click the link below to download the PDF file containing the answers to the above questions and additional

Download CCNA Subnetting Questions PDF

Improve Your Subnetting Skills

Subnetting is a fundamental concept in networking, and mastering it is crucial for success in the CCNA exam.
Practice is key to improving your subnetting skills, so make sure to attempt various subnetting problems and
get hands-on experience. Additionally, explore online resources, video tutorials, and CCNA study guides to
deepen your understanding of subnetting.


Subnetting is a valuable skill for network professionals, particularly for those pursuing CCNA certification.
By practicing subnetting questions and understanding the underlying concepts, you can confidently solve
subnetting problems in the exam and real-world scenarios. Remember to download the provided CCNA Subnetting
Questions PDF to test your knowledge.

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