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CCNA Practice Questions – Exam 640-802

Welcome to Jeremy Cioara’s blog, where we will provide you with a set of relevant CCNA practice questions for Exam 640-802. Whether you are preparing for the CCNA certification or looking to test your networking knowledge, this practice exam will help you evaluate your skills and identify areas for improvement.

Question 1:

Which routing protocol uses the Bellman-Ford algorithm?

  1. RIP
  2. EIGRP
  3. OSPF
  4. ISIS

Question 2:

What is the default administrative distance of OSPF?

  1. 90
  2. 100
  3. 110
  4. 120

Question 3:

Which layer of the OSI model is responsible for reliable end-to-end delivery of data?

  1. Network Layer
  2. Transport Layer
  3. Data Link Layer
  4. Physical Layer

Question 4:

What is the administrative distance of a directly connected network?

  1. 0
  2. 10
  3. 90
  4. 100

Question 5:

Which command is used to display the IP addresses assigned to interfaces on a Cisco router?

  1. show ip route
  2. show ip interface brief
  3. show interfaces
  4. show ip address

These are just a few sample questions to test your knowledge. The complete set of CCNA practice questions for Exam 640-802 can be found on our website.

Practice and preparation are key to success in achieving your CCNA certification. Make sure to thoroughly understand each concept and topic covered in the exam blueprint. Good luck with your studies!

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