CCNA Practice Questions 2014

CCNA Practice Questions 2014

Are you preparing for the CCNA certification exam? Looking for practice questions to test your knowledge? In this blog post, we bring you a comprehensive set of CCNA practice questions from the year 2014. These questions cover a wide range of topics and will help you assess your understanding of the CCNA syllabus.

Question 1:

What is the default subnet mask for a Class C IP address?

  1. A.
  2. B.
  3. C.
  4. D.

Question 2:

Which of the following protocols is used for email delivery?

  1. A. SMTP
  2. B. FTP
  3. C. HTTP
  4. D. SNMP

These practice questions are intended to test your knowledge of fundamental networking concepts covered in the CCNA exam. It is important to attempt these questions in a timed environment to simulate the actual exam experience.

Question 3:

What is the purpose of a default gateway in a computer network?

  1. A. To connect two separate networks
  2. B. To forward packets between networks
  3. C. To provide wireless connectivity
  4. D. To identify the MAC address of a device

Effective preparation is key to success in the CCNA exam. We highly recommend using these practice questions as part of your study plan. Combine them with other study materials like textbooks, online courses, and practical lab sessions to enhance your understanding of networking concepts.

Question 4:

Which layer of the OSI model is responsible for establishing, maintaining, and terminating sessions between applications?

  1. A. Application layer
  2. B. Transport layer
  3. C. Network layer
  4. D. Session layer

By regularly practicing with these questions, you will not only improve your knowledge but also gain confidence in tackling the CCNA exam. Remember to review the explanations provided for each question to learn from any mistakes made.

Question 5:

What is the maximum data rate supported by Category 5e Ethernet cable?

  1. A. 10 Mbps
  2. B. 100 Mbps
  3. C. 1000 Mbps
  4. D. 10 Gbps

Stay dedicated to your CCNA exam preparation and make the most of these practice questions. Regular practice and continuous learning are the keys to success.

Disclaimer: These questions are based on the CCNA syllabus from 2014 and are provided for educational purposes only. The CCNA certification exam may have been updated since then, so it is essential to refer to the latest official study materials for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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