CCNA Interview Questions and Answers – 2022

CCNA Interview Questions and Answers – 2022

Are you preparing for a CCNA interview in 2022? This blog post will help you brush up on your knowledge and provide you with essential CCNA interview questions and their detailed answers. Don’t miss out on this ultimate guide to CCNA interview preparation!


CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is a popular certification for entry-level network engineers. It validates their ability to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot medium-sized routed and switched networks. To succeed in a CCNA interview, it’s essential to have a strong understanding of networking concepts, protocols, and practical skills.

1. What is a VLAN?

A VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) is a logical division of a physical LAN into multiple broadcast domains. It allows you to segment a network by grouping devices together logically, even if they are physically located on different switches. VLANs enhance network security, increase flexibility, and improve network performance.

2. Explain the difference between a router and a switch.

A router is a networking device that operates at the network layer (Layer 3) of the OSI model. It connects multiple networks together and forwards data packets based on IP addresses. A switch operates at the data link layer (Layer 2) and builds a MAC address table to forward data within a LAN.

3. What is the purpose of subnetting?

Subnetting allows you to divide a network into smaller subnetworks, known as subnets. It helps in efficient utilization of IP addresses, reduces network congestion, improves network performance, and enhances network security by logically separating different departments or segments.


In this blog post, we covered some essential CCNA interview questions and their detailed answers. Remember to practice these questions and review the concepts to excel in your CCNA interview. Good luck on your journey to becoming a certified network associate!

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