CCNA Free Dumps 2019: A Comprehensive Guide and Study Resource

CCNA Free Dumps 2019: A Comprehensive Guide and Study Resource

Are you preparing for the CCNA certification exam and looking for free dumps to practice? In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on CCNA free dumps for the year 2019. We understand the importance of practice tests in your exam preparation, so we have compiled a list of recommended resources where you can find free and reliable CCNA dumps.

1. Cisco Learning Network

Cisco Learning Network is an excellent platform for CCNA candidates. It offers a wide range of study materials, including free practice exams. You can find several discussion forums where experts and aspirants share their experiences and resources. Cisco Learning Network also provides interactive training courses and virtual labs to enhance your practical skills.

2. Exam-Labs

Exam-Labs is a popular website that offers a variety of IT certification exam dumps, including CCNA. They have a dedicated section for CCNA practice tests, where you can find free dumps for the 2019 exam. The dumps are regularly updated to reflect the latest exam pattern and objectives. Exam-Labs also provides detailed explanations for each question, which helps in understanding the concepts better.

3. Free-Exam

Free-Exam is another website that offers free CCNA dumps for 2019. They have a vast collection of practice tests, categorized based on different topics and difficulty levels. You can choose the dumps that best align with your study plan. Free-Exam also allows users to rate and review the dumps, ensuring the quality of the content. Make sure to check the comments and feedback before attempting any practice test.

4. Cisco Exam Dumps from Reddit

Reddit is a popular online community with various subreddits dedicated to IT certifications. You can find a subreddit specifically for CCNA, where users often share useful resources, including free dumps. It is important to note that not all dumps shared on Reddit are verified, so exercise caution and do thorough research before relying on any material.

5. Pearson VUE

Pearson VUE, the official testing partner for Cisco, provides a comprehensive range of preparation materials for CCNA. While most of their resources are paid, they also offer a free exam outline and sample questions as part of their exam preparation guide. These resources give you a glimpse of the actual exam format and help you assess your readiness for the certification.


Obtaining the CCNA certification is a significant milestone in your IT career. To increase your chances of success, it is crucial to practice with authentic and reliable dumps. The mentioned resources in this article provide you with access to free CCNA dumps for 2019, allowing you to test your knowledge and identify areas for improvement. Remember to supplement your practice with official study materials and hands-on experience to build a strong foundation in networking concepts.

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