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CCNA Collaboration Practice Questions: Prepare for Success!

Are you looking to enhance your skills in the field of collaborative networking? The CCNA Collaboration certification is a great way to validate your expertise and advance your career. To help you master the concepts and prepare effectively for the exam, we have compiled a set of practice questions that cover various topics in depth. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of practice questions and provide you with a collection of CCNA collaboration practice questions to sharpen your skills.

The Benefits of Using Practice Questions

Practice questions serve as a valuable tool for exam preparation. They allow you to:

  • Gauge your knowledge: Practice questions help you assess your understanding of specific topics and identify any gaps in your knowledge.
  • Get familiar with the exam format: Working with practice questions allows you to become accustomed to the structure and format of the CCNA Collaboration exam.
  • Improve time management: By practicing with time constraints, you can enhance your ability to answer questions efficiently within the allocated exam time.
  • Boost confidence: Regular practice builds confidence and reduces exam anxiety, enabling you to perform at your best.

CCNA Collaboration Practice Questions

Now, let’s dive into a selection of CCNA Collaboration practice questions across different domains:

Question 1:

Which protocol is used for real-time video and audio communication in Cisco Collaboration solutions?

  1. SMTP
  2. HTTP
  3. SIP
  4. SSH

Question 2:

What are the primary components of Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM)?

  1. Gatekeeper, Gateways, and PBX
  2. CallAgent, Registrar, and CallManager
  3. Subscribers, Publishers, and IM&P
  4. Cisco Unity, Cisco UCCX, and Cisco Finesse

Question 3:

Which signaling protocol is used to establish, modify, and terminate voice and video calls in an IP network?

  1. H.323
  2. RTP
  3. MGCP
  4. STUN

These practice questions are just a glimpse of what you need to study to succeed in your CCNA Collaboration exam. It’s essential to explore more questions and thoroughly understand the concepts behind them. Remember, practice makes perfect!


By regularly practicing CCNA Collaboration questions and familiarizing yourself with the exam structure, you can greatly increase your chances of success. Don’t limit yourself to just these questions; explore additional resources and seek guidance from experienced professionals. With determination and consistent effort, you’ll be well on your way to achieving CCNA Collaboration certification. Good luck!

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