CCNA Chapter 2 Questions

CCNA Chapter 2 Questions

Welcome to our blog post on CCNA Chapter 2 questions!


In this blog post, we will discuss the important questions related to Chapter 2 of the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification exam. Chapter 2 covers various topics including network protocols, LAN switching, and IP addressing. By going through these questions, you can test your knowledge and better prepare for the CCNA exam.

Question 1: What is a protocol?

A protocol is a set of rules and guidelines that determine how data is transmitted and received over a network. It defines the format of the data, as well as the timing and sequencing of communication.


These were just a few examples of the CCNA Chapter 2 questions you may come across during your exam preparation. Remember to study each topic thoroughly and practice using real-world scenarios. By doing so, you will enhance your understanding of networking concepts and increase your chances of passing the CCNA exam. Good luck!

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