CCNA Certification Exam Questions and Answers 2014

CCNA Certification Exam Questions and Answers 2014

Welcome to our blog post on CCNA certification exam questions and answers from 2014. The CCNA certification is a crucial milestone for networking professionals, and reviewing questions from previous exams can be a great way to deepen your knowledge and enhance your preparation. In this article, we will explore a selection of actual questions from the CCNA exam held in 2014 and provide detailed answers and explanations.

Question 1:

Which of the following protocols operate at the Physical layer of the OSI model?
a) Ethernet
b) IP
c) TCP

Answer: The correct options for protocols operating at the Physical layer are a) Ethernet and b) IP. Ethernet refers to the set of rules governing wired network connections, while IP (Internet Protocol) deals with the logical addressing and routing of data packets at the network layer.

Question 2:

Which TCP/IP protocol is responsible for converting domain names to IP addresses?
b) DNS
c) FTP

Answer: The correct protocol responsible for converting domain names to IP addresses is b) DNS (Domain Name System). DNS translates human-readable domain names into IP addresses, enabling devices to locate resources on the internet.

We hope you found this collection of CCNA exam questions and answers from 2014 helpful for your certification preparation. Remember, success in the CCNA exam requires not only theoretical understanding but also practical hands-on experience. Regular practice, thorough understanding of networking concepts, and familiarizing yourself with the exam format will greatly enhance your chances of success.

Good luck with your CCNA certification journey, and stay tuned for more articles and resources to aid your preparation. If you have any specific topics or questions you’d like us to cover, please let us know in the comments below.

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