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CCNA 200-125 Exam Questions 2017

Welcome to our blog post discussing the CCNA 200-125 exam questions from 2017. In this article, we will explore some of the key topics covered in the exam, provide sample questions, and discuss the importance of preparation for this certification. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of what to expect from the CCNA 200-125 exam and how to prepare effectively.

Overview of CCNA 200-125 Exam

The CCNA 200-125 exam is a comprehensive assessment that tests your knowledge and skills in various networking areas. It covers a wide range of topics including network fundamentals, LAN switching technologies, IPv4 and IPv6 routing technologies, WAN technologies, infrastructure services, security, and management. To pass this exam, you need thorough preparation and an in-depth understanding of these concepts.

Sample Exam Questions

Let’s take a look at a few sample questions that might appear in the CCNA 200-125 exam:

  1. What are the main components of a router?
  2. Explain the difference between TCP and UDP protocols.
  3. How does STP (Spanning Tree Protocol) prevent network loops?
  4. What is the purpose of a subnet mask?
  5. What are the advantages of using VLANs (Virtual Local Area Networks)?

Please note that these are just a few examples, and the actual exam may include a broader range of questions to assess your understanding of networking principles and technologies.

Importance of Preparation

Preparing for the CCNA 200-125 exam is crucial for ensuring success. Here’s why:

  • Comprehensive Knowledge: The exam assesses your knowledge in various networking domains. Preparing for the exam helps you develop a deeper understanding of networking concepts.
  • Confidence Boost: Thorough preparation builds confidence, allowing you to approach the exam questions with a clear mindset.
  • Career Advancement: CCNA certification is highly regarded in the IT industry and can open up opportunities for career growth and better job prospects.
  • Real-World Application: The knowledge gained while preparing for the exam can be directly applied in real-world networking scenarios, making you a valuable asset to any organization.


In conclusion, the CCNA 200-125 exam is a comprehensive assessment that requires careful preparation. By understanding the exam topics, practicing sample questions, and building a solid foundation in networking principles, you will be well-equipped to pass the exam and take your networking career to new heights. Make sure to invest ample time in studying and review all the relevant materials to ensure your success.

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