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BestCiscoDumps is a very professional company in the field of Cisco training. BestCiscoDumps founder —Jackson founded the company to pass the CCIE RS exam (now CCIE EI Exam) and to help more Cisco candidates to pass the Cisco exam smoothly. While Jackson studying CCNA, he purchased TCP/IP books—a single book containing several hundreds of pages. Because Jackson still needs daily work, he has to study after work. Jackson spent four hours a day for six months learning about TCP/IP. In preparation for the CCNA exam, he wrote about 50 pages on his notepad. His life pays off. Later in the CCNA exam, he passed it with a score of 936 successful. His colleagues who heard that Jackson had passed the exam came and asked him about his exam experience so Jackson generously shared his notebook and the questions of the exam in his memory. But to Jackson’s surprise was that with his help—many colleagues even passed the exam in just two months! It struck him greatly! Preparation for the CCNA exam can also be so fast!

This experience makes Jackson deeply understand that wanting to pass the exam is not only to rely on books to memorize but also to learn through the notes summarized by others. As the saying goes, “standing on the shoulders of giants!” So he began asking his friends who had passed CCIE about their experience in taking CCIE. Because this was the first CCIE that Jackson had to prepare for he chose CCIE Routing and Switching (replaced by CCIE EI in 2020) as his first certificate in preparing for the exam. The whole process of preparing for the CCIE written exam is very simple. Through his friends’ experience and notes, Jackson quickly passed the CCIE written exam within a month and CCIE R&S lab takes more time to prepare because lab tests not only test your theoretical knowledge but also more importantly to test your practical skills, you need to complete configuration, TS, Diag in a limited 8 hours. Jackson spent a full four months practicing CCIE R&S lab. Finally, he passed the CCIE R&S certification in October of that year!

After this CCIE exam, Jackson deeply knows how important it is to have the opportunity to obtain others’ learning experiences! Therefore, Jackson founded BestCiscoDumps to help the majority of candidates in need of Cisco. After several years, the BestCiscoDumps team grew bigger than the Cisco Dumps. It developed became more accurate. This allows Cisco candidates choosing BestCiscoDumps to pass in a week! The team also perfected the grades of the Cisco exam mainly divided into CCNA Dumps, CCNP Dumps, and CCIE Dumps. Once Cisco exam questions changes, BestCiscoDumps can be updated for the vast Cisco candidates in the shortest time. So choosing BestCiscoDumps to help you pass the Cisco exam will be worth it!

The Story Of Founded

Jackson—the founder of BestCiscoDumps which came from a poor family. Contact with Cisco certification after college and helped others with their knowledge and experience to pass the CCNA test certification in a short time. From then on, I have buried the foreshadowing in my heart. When I became a CCIEer, I began to write my study materials and analyze the Cisco exam questions. In the second year, after their continuous efforts and publicity in the local network has a small circle of engineers. However, the number of monthly consultations was unstable, his income was sometimes good or bad and sometimes at a standstill which once distressed Jackson and always doubted himself— even made him suffer from moderate depression. Neither the family nor his friends gave up on him. In family company and encouragement, he went to the entrepreneurs’ communication seminar and heard much industry bosses entrepreneurial hearts.  Their more bumpy entrepreneurial experience let Jackson’s heart receive a lot of encouragement, regain confidence, read a lot of marketing books and go to more universities to promote learning materials and methods. Finally, make his career monthly earnings growth slowly and also gradually stabilized.

In the third year, to shorten the study preparation time for the test candidates which Jackson went around looking for quality partners to get first-hand topic updates. However, the process is not as smooth as expected. The information provided by many partners is not as complete as expected. If he cannot obtain the complete information in time, he can’t provide the latest information for the examination candidates in time. Fortunately, with Jackson’s constant efforts— he contacted a suitable partner. Although the proposed price exceeded his expectations, it could ensure the timeliness of the question. Therefore, Jackson timely obtained the latest learning materials through the partner site and then wrote the topic from BestCiscoDumps to analyze the most accurate answer. This increases the BestCiscoDumps accuracy of title accuracy and speed of update. This gave BestCiscoDumps a lot of praise in the year!

In the fourth year in 2021, the BestCiscoDumps team began to expand which adding multiple CCIE teachers with many years of training experience and experienced course consultants. Therefore, thinking that there are a lot of overseas Cisco candidates working with the same embarrassment so we signed up for bestciscodumps.com. Aspire to pass Cisco faster and easier for test candidates around the world!

Own Strength

After many years of development. The BestCiscoDumps instructor team is all CCIEer with many years of Cisco training experience. On average, a Cisco candidate passes the CCIE exam with our help. Through the CCNA exam and the popular CCNP exam subjects, more than one student passes the exam every day.

These are just a small number of students who pass the exam in the BestCiscoDumps. They all passed the exam within a week with our help! If you also want to 100% pass the Cisco exam, choosing us will be a great choice!