Cisco 300-515 SPVI Dumps


Exam Code: 300-515
Exam Fee: $300
Language: English
Exam Duration: 90 minutes
Vality Period: 3 years
Number of questions: 55-65 questions

By Cisco 300-515 SPVI dumps, you will learn about the implementation of Cisco service provider VPN service (SPVI). 300-515 dumps also introduces you to a virtual private network (VPN) environment built on a common service provider’s multi protocol label switching (MPLS) backbone end customers. You will know the basic concepts, advantages and classification of MPLS VPN, MPLS components, MPLS control plane and data plane operations, MPLS VPN routing using virtual routing and forwarding (VRF), layer 2 and layer 3 MPLS VPN, IPv6 MPLS VPN implementation, IP multicast VPN and shared services VPN.

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How much is the Cisco 300-515 SPVI exam cost?

In terms of exams fees, the cost of the Cisco 300-515 SPVI exam is $300. If you want to get a CCNP certificate. You need pass one core exam (350-501) + one concentration exam (Service Provider). Then you can get the CCNP certificate.  If you fail, you’ll need to book the test again for $300. Choose our Cisco 300-515 SPVI dumps pass the Exam in First Attempt!

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